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Shrapnel by W1SH

The Official release of Shrapnel of the Midi-Chlorian Supplement EP 2013.
Mixed and Mastered by Joob Kicksnare

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PLSTK Mix Series 006: W1SH

Music drives the body to move and our next selecta is no stranger to the beat and the groove. W1SH has been a part and staple in the California dance scene for over 20 years. But his contributions go beyond the floor, they also exist in the music.

You been around street dance and DJing culture since the 80′s.
What gravitated you towards Hip Hop culture, especially in the Bay Area?

W1SH: When I was first introduced to DJing and dance, it was through.... [ READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE HERE ]

Mix Series 006: W1SH


Midi-Chlorian EP

Toying with ideas for potential album art. I've never put out an EP before. Would you support?

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